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Charting Your Legacy Study Content

From God’s perspective, leaving a legacy is far more than just leaving a heritage to your family for a few generations. In this study, you’ll explore how you can finish well and leave a legacy that not only touches your family but also influences families around the globe in such a way that the impact will last forever.

Together with the others in your group, you will wrestle with issues such as:

  • Is God pleased with how I use my resources?
  • How much is enough and what limits should I set on my lifestyle?
  • How much do I leave my children and grandchildren?
  • How can I learn to be content?
  • How can I most effectively train my children to handle money?
  • How much should I give and are we handling debt wisely?
  • How do I deal with the relational impact wealth has on my family and friends?
  • Why do I have a nagging sense of guilt that perhaps I am not doing enough good with my wealth?
  • Does my spouse understand our finances? Is he or she prepared to handle our business or finances in the event of my death?
  • What do I do to leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren of walking closely with Christ and handling money God’s way?
  • Do I really know what God is calling me to do with my life and resources?
  • How can I finish my life well?

You will be encouraged and challenged as you discover God’s perspective on money. These timeless truths will help you get a fix on your position and enable you to plot a life-course. In doing so, you will discover a greater measure of contentment, confidence that you are in God’s will, and the joy of making an eternal difference.

There are six Chapters in the Charting Your Legacy study. Each meeting is for two hours and preparation for each Chapter averages 2 hours.

Chapter 1 – Starting Well. (The Bible is God’s Word, God’s ownership, God’s role in wealth creation, our role as faithful managers).                         

Chapter 2 – Perspective & Dangers of Wealth. (God’s perspective of wealth, dangers of wealth, contentment, begin to evaluate your lifestyle).

Chapter 3 – Crisis & Eternity. (God’s view of a crisis, how to prepare for a crisis, life is short and eternity never end, begin to determine how much is enough).

Chapter 4 – Generosity. (Generosity attitude, advantages, amount and places to give. Where do I want to go on my generosity journey?)

Chapter 5 – Family & Wealth Transfer. (How to equip children and grandchildren to handle money God’s way, family dynamics, inheritance, funding the Lord’s work).

Chapter 6 – Finishing Well. (Finishing well, retirement, strengthening marriages, implementing spiritual practices).