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After you have assembled the group, conduct an Orientation meeting at least a week before the study begins. Ask the group to bring their calendars to schedule the six meetings. At the Orientation:

  1. Begin to love the participants and build relationships.
  2. Ask each participant to share their personal story for about 5 minutes. This is an important step in establishing close relationships.
  3. Review the requirements. They are designed to take about two hours outside of class:
    • Six days of homework and a Scripture to memorize
    • Complete a practical exercise and pray daily for one another
  4. Describe the other ground rules.
    • Classes are designed to start and stop on time and open and close in prayer.
    • Group discussions are confidential and participants are trained to be future facilitators by leading meetings. No one will be asked to expose their financial situation.
  5. Distribute the materials if participants have not yet received them.
  6. Review Chapter 1 homework. The first assignment is found on pages 8-13 of the Charting Your Legacy manual and should be completed prior to attending the meeting for Chapter 1.
  7. Initiate the Prayer Logs. To help participants develop a more consistent prayer life, we utilize the Prayer Log. During the orientation, everyone should fill out a separate Prayer Log for each individual. One by one, Individuals or couples provide the information requested at the top – their name, address, etc.
  8. Schedule the meetings. Ask participants to bring their calendars to schedule the six group meetings.