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Select Future Facilitators

Set the stage. During the Orientation, explain to participants that you will train them to be facilitators by providing them an opportunity to lead the class. The facilitator or facilitators should lead the first class and then ask the other members to take turns leading the remaining classes.

Select facilitators. Select those who are faithful during the study. Second Timothy 2:2 communicates the importance of selecting faithful people: “And the things which you heard from me . . . entrust these to faithful men [and women], who will be able to teach others also.”

Ask those who want to facilitate a Charting Your Legacy study to email to schedule a time for a personalized 30-minute online Facilitator training.

Places to Serve. If you have a desire to help others experience Charting Your Legacy, consider serving as a Facilitator. The heroes of Charting Your Legacy are the facilitators, because the small group is an outstanding environment for genuine life-change to take place. If you have a desire to use the study influence your community or beyond your community, email