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How to Conduct the Study

  1. Open with prayer and ask the participants to recite the Scripture to memorize.
  2. Conduct the group discussion.
    One participant or couple should read the scriptures and answer all the questions for a particular Day’s Homework. Then open that Day’s Homework to the rest of the class for their insights and discussion. If someone has thoroughly answered a particular question, others need not repeat the same answers. After a Day’s Homework is has been discussed, repeat the process with another individual or couple reading the scriptures and answering the question for the next Day’s Homework.
  3. Complete the items in the Remaining Agenda, share prayer requests and write them in the Prayer Logs, and then end in prayer.

NOTE: Small Group Dynamics

  • In Diagram 1, the sole focus is on the facilitator who does most of the talking. The other participants are passive. This is not how Charting Your Legacy is designed.
  • Diagram 2 reflects a facilitator guiding the discussion in a way that encourages the group to interact with one another. Create an environment in which everyone has freedom to express their insights and questions.