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How to Convene a Group

Selecting Participants

The Charting Your Legacy study is designed specifically for those entrusted with significant resources. We’ve discovered that the best candidates for the study have an annual income of at least $250,000 or a net worth of $2 million.

FAQ Selecting participants:

  1. What age range is the study designed to reach? There have been a wide variety of ages participating – from the 30s to the 80s. Occasionally, several generations in a family will choose to enroll in the study together to foster improved communication or assist in business succession.
  2. Should participants be limited to serious followers of Christ? No, the study is not exclusively for mature followers of Christ. It is important to communicate to prospective participants that it is a Bible study for those entrusted with much. We discovered that having participants who do not yet know Christ or are less mature in the Lord often is a wonderful opportunity to influence them in their spiritual journey.
  3. Is it better to have individuals or married couples in a Charting Your Legacy group? When possible, it is preferable to invite couples because the conversations between husband and wife after the meetings are often the most helpful part of the study.

Inviting participants

As the group is being assembled, the facilitator should pray that the Lord will bring just the right people into the group. Extending a personal invitation is most effective. Once someone has decided to participate, it is often helpful to ask them to invite their peers.

Group size

We recommend limiting the group size to eight individuals or five couples including the facilitators, because the group dynamic is damaged if the group is too large. It is preferable (but not a requirement) for each group to have two facilitators in case one is unable to attend a meeting.

Meeting time and place

The time and day the group meets should be convenient for the participants. Groups may meet anywhere, and you may begin a Charting Your Legacy group anytime. Many groups chose to meet in one other’s homes to get to know one better.

Online option

Groups are often conducted online using Skype, Zoom, or other online platforms so that anyone anywhere may participate.

Ordering materials

Order materials at or call (407) 331-6000. Participants materials are available digitally or in print. The cost of the Charting Your Legacy study manual is $55 for an individual or $65 for two manuals for a married couple. is an excellent resource that contains many helpful tools, videos, and links to other websites. The Charting Your Legacy Facilitators Guide is currently available only online.